Work better, live better.

Our tag line “Work better, live better” really says it all.

Let’s face it, when your work life stinks, it has a really negative impact on the other areas of your life. Blended Learning Team was founded to help individuals create more meaningful work lives.

Creating Career and Brand Clarity

FOCUS: Creating Career
& Brand Clarity

In their newly published book Danielle Beauparlant Moser and Debra Fehr Heindel have outlined a very simple, easy to follow process that helps professionals gain clarity to be able to develop an entrepreneurial approach to self-marketing. Now available to purchase! Read more...

What People are Saying

"My coach kept me motivated and made my resume look AMAZING … I can’t say enough wonderful things about them!”
KM – North Carolina

"She greatly exceeded my expectations!"
KW – Tennessee

"A true paradigm shift for me. Awesome!"
DR - Washington, DC
"I now have a new career with a company I am very passionate about. I was truly lucky to have such
outstanding support … her knowledge and experience is priceless."

KS - Iowa

"After several months of going it alone and very little to show for it, I reached out in desperation. Then things started
to turn-around."

LF - Kentucky

"One of the things I quickly realized was that my coach was teaching me things that I didn’t even know I didn’t know."
NG – Texas

"I am continuing to work with my coach because as she told me, career management isn’t just about doing a good job at work."
RG - North Carolina

"These are GREAT RESULTS – I recommend you just do it!"
SD – Arizona

"Not only got my work life back on track, and a thousand times better, but life in general has shifted dramatically for the best!"
KR – California

"Guided me through each step with admirable skill and professionalism."
MC – Georgia
“Thanks for your words of encouragement and support. It is wonderful to lean on an experienced, objective person. I enjoy our
partnership in what could be a tangled web.”

PM – Missouri

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Our specialty is helping to move you towards the career you

want. We provide sophisticated strategies that will enhance

your life through work.


Founders: Danielle Beauparlant Moser and Debra Fehr Heindel.To read an expanded profile of our expertise, as well as our coaching staff, visit Our Team page.

Our specialty is helping to move you towards the career you want. When we help you identify the perfect career option, it’s about finding a role and an environment in which you can be successful and “flourish” -- loving what you do, being appreciated, and ultimately being your “best self” at work.

To drill it down to the more tactical level, it’s not about how you craft the perfect résumé, it’s about having a clear focus, understanding the strategy of personal branding, and executing that on-target message.

Career management is all about the strategy. It’s about managing your employability – keeping an eye on the ‘bigger picture’ to ensure your skills and expertise are marketable and in demand. It’s about managing your work life; making informed decisions; and reinventing yourself on your terms, not someone else’s.

Today’s global job market has shifted from ‘lifetime employment’ to ‘lifetime employability.’ Focus on the needs of the marketplace and position yourself to meet those needs. Many jobs that exist today did not exist 5 years ago; the face of work is constantly changing. Employment opportunities that will be ‘most in demand’ 10 years from now are roles that haven’t been thought of today.

If you want to take control of your career and finally develop a strategic approach that is proven to work: Why not start with a FREE Coaching Consultation? Send an email message to, and we will contact you to schedule a completely complimentary (20-minute) coaching call. You don’t even have to pay for the phone call; we’ll call you! Oh, and by the way, the person you meet with will not be a salesperson (so no sales pitch!) but a professional career coach and strategist.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your complimentary session today.